• PPA & Upskilling


Our PPA cover works to the key areas of the physical education curriculum, and can cover:
Invasion games, Gymnastics, Dance, Drama, Striking and fielding, Net and Wall, OAA as well as Athletics.

All JS Sports & Education staff are fully trained and qualified in Level 3 supporting sport and PE in schools.


We provide a portfolio which includes Short, Medium & Long term lesson plans and schemes of work for the all the teachers within your school to access, on top of this we also provide half termly assessments.


The JS Sports & Education upskilling programme is a unique programme that has been specifically tailored and is proven to be extremely effective within schools.

The programme is based around spending 6-12 weeks with each individual teacher with the aim of enhancing their knowledge in the delivery of certain aspects of physical education as well as how to structure a physical education lesson.

Our upskilling programme looks at and covers the following:

– The core tasks within physical education.
– Developing confidence & knowledge within physical education.
– Structuring a physical education lesson.
– Progressions and tailoring to meet the needs of the individual.
– Warm up & Cool down games & exercises.


To find out more or to book in a free taster session, reach out to one of our friendly team on: