• Wraparound Care

    Our Wraparound Care in schools is the provision of high-quality childcare and supervision that wraps around the schedule of the school day.


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The difference between other childcare provisions and JS Sports & Education’s Wraparound care is that our services apply expertise in both compliance and physical activity which can make long-term positive changes children’s health and lifestyle.

We offer affordable solutions to childcare to suit you and your needs. We strike the balance between fun outside of the school day and continued childhood development through active play and exercise.

Our Wraparound Care not only cater towards childcare solutions but to also create a stable and secure environment for children to get ready for school or unwind after the school day. In such a busy working world, many parents find themselves calling on friends and family for help with childcare before school, and without structure, this can often feel unsettling for the child. Wraparound care in school can be a space where a child will flourish by learning new skills and developing a healthy mindset for the future.

Early Years (Reception)

Early Years children will be appointed a Key Worker who will make sure your child is happy and content when in our care. You will be notified of the key worker who will observe your child’s development to ensure their progress and the environment supports their growth.

Special Educational Needs

We welcome children with special educational needs in our inclusive environment and are committed to supporting them in attending our Wraparound. As every child is unique, we kindly request all parents/carers to schedule a consultation with us to discuss their child’s specific needs before signing them up. This will enable us to determine the most suitable approach for their participation in our club.

For more info on our Wraparound Care, please email: info@jssports-education.co.uk

Our Haslingfield Wraparound phone number is: 07876 405172
Our Foxton Wraparound phone number is: 07876 405172


(our phones will be operated Monday – Friday 07:45-08:45 & 15:00-18:00)